FERN ACTIV Testimony on Pregnancy

FERN ACTIV Testimony on Pregnancy. Deejay and Rhemielyn were married for 5 yrs and yet they were unable to have their first child. Thanks to FERN ACTIV and FERN-D which they both took for 3 months straight, i-FERN products helped them to finally have 2 children in 2 consecutive years!

4 thoughts on “FERN ACTIV Testimony on Pregnancy

  1. Bakit po walang effect sakin yong fern d?

  2. This is true

  3. I want to become pregnant again.is it safe to take me this even with out knowing of ob.

  4. bumili kmi n misis ngaun almost 5yrs n kasi d nasundan anak nmin..sna mgkaanak n ulit kmi.. mgupdate aq later kung effective b tlga…godbless to all..

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